What is Coupling Stock?

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What is Coupling Stock?

Coupling Stock is usually a kind of product which has widely use in the oil industry. Do you know what is coupling stock? Coupling stock is the seamless pipe used for producing coupling of casing and tubing.

What is Coupling Stock?

As other products,coupling stock also has many features,such as grade,out diameter range,wall thickness,standard and so on.Next I will tell you something about what I said on the above. The main steel grade is shown as below:

As per API 5CT SPEC; J55、K55、N80Q、L80-1、L80-9Cr、L80-13Cr、T95、C110

Sour Service grade, such as CB80S~CB110SS
The standard of coupling stock is according to API SPEC 5CT 9th.The characteristic of coupling stock is rolled by KPE mill, with good dimension control, high qualified product ratio, stable mechanical and impact property. The out diameter range of coupling stock is from 52.2~244.48mm.The wall thickness range is from 4.2~22mm.

Now,do you have a deep understanding  of the pipe material of the  coupling stock. We are here not to just supply you products that you need. We believe in creating the right industrial solutions around your business needs and making sure that they work before we leave.So if you have any request you can contact with us.

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