Production process of hot rolled seamless steel pipe

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Production process of hot rolled seamless steel pipe

There are 11 steps in the production process of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, which are preparing the pipe blank, heating the pipe blank, piercing, rolling the pipe, reheating, reducing the diameter, conducting heat treatment, straightening the finished pipe, further finishing, and inspecting the seamless steel pipe.

The raw material of seamless steel pipe is round billet. It is necessary to cut the round billet into one meter long billet between rolling pipes, and then transfer the billet to the furnace for heating about 1200 ℃. The temperature control in the heating process is very important. After being put out of the furnace, the piercer should be used to pierce the steel pipe, mainly using the cone roller piercer with high production efficiency, good production quality and large perforation expanding capacity. After piercing, the three roller type tension reducing mill can be used for cross rolling and continuous rolling to determine the diameter of the steel pipe.

After sizing, the steel pipe will enter the cooling tower and be cooled by spraying water. After cooling, the steel pipe can be straightened. Then use the metal flaw detector to inspect the inside of the steel pipe, mainly to check whether there are cracks or bubbles inside. After inspection, the number and specification shall be painted on the back of the steel pipe. After all procedures are completed, the batch of seamless steel pipes can be put into storage.

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