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Mechanical Steel Pipe

Mechanical tubes are mainly used for subsequent machining, cold-drawn steel processing, construction machinery and other machinery processing industry.

Mechanical Steel Pipes

Main steel grade
Common steel grade:16Mn(Q345B)、25Mn、30CrMo、35CrMo、42CrMo、ANSI 1026、ANSI 4130、ANSI 4140、ANSI 434
Excutive Standard
GB/T 8162 Seamless pipe for structural purpose
GB/T 8163 Seamless steel pipe for liquid service
Seamless carbon steel & alloy mechanical tubing

Product features
Mechanical tubing has good size, diameter ovality and bore roundness, especially for the thick-walled pipe which has a thickness of more than 20mm, it can still achieve the better bore roundness.

Application environment for products
The steel grade  are mainly used for general engineering use or the mother tube which is used for cold-drawn low-pressure hydraulic cylinder.
The steel grade in 16Mn, 25Mn&ANSI 1026 are mainly used for processing construction machinery industry, especially the steel grade 25Mn could be used as mother tube of high pressure hydraulic cylinder.

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