Mechanical piping for Hydraulic Cylinder

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Mechanical piping for Hydraulic Cylinder

Mechanical Piping for Hydraulic Cylinder is generally used in hydraulic equipment and mechanical structure, which has high precision and the smoothly surface, also known as honing tube.

Mechanical piping for Hydraulic Cylinder

Product features
Dimensional accuracy: cylinder wall thickness tolerance, uneven wall thickness, OD Tolerance, and small ovality.

Surface quality: Through the plug and mandrel, and the furnace temperature to control pipe inside and outside surface, which can be better control tube pitted, oxide skin of macro defects, and can be better meet customers’ requirements of cylinders’ surface quality after grinding.

Mechanical properties: the mechanical properties of each material by hot rolling process or heat treatment process can meet the requirements of BS EN 10297-1:2003 standard on the mechanical properties of materials.

Other: according to customer needs,E355 and E470 materials can be added the quality score of 0.020%~0.045% sulfur element,which to improve the cutting performance of the cylinder pipe and reduce the consumption of the customer.In view of the large diameter piston cylinder on the market, according to customer needs, can provide the end thickening cylinder tube billet and reduce customer cutting volume.

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