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Geometry inspection of seamless steel pipe

To ensure the quality of the seamless steel pipe,we have different ways to inspect the seamless steel  pipe.I will introduce you the geometry inspection of seamless steel pipe.

Geometry inspection of seamless steel pipe

1. Outside diameter, ellipse of seamless steel pipe inspection
Calipers, vernier caliper should be taken. The caliper should be perpendicular to the axis of the steel pipe in checking, measuring the maximum and the minimum point when the pipe rotated slowly. Founding the outer diameter of large or small, you should mark it in time.

2. Seamless steel pipe wall thickness inspection
Micrometer is the main tool that is adopted. When you check, left hand holds the micrometer stand, with right hand rotation induced wheel, and the wire rod should be coincident with the diameter of the measuring point. Once found that the wall thickness is not qualified, it should be marked in time.

3. Seamless steel tube length inspection
1. The steel tape can be measured directly by metallic tape.
2. Bending inspection of seamless steel pipes.
3. With the tools of level, feeler and line.
4. End profile inspection

At two ends of the steel tube should be cut into specified angle and remove burrs. The method of inspection adopts angle square and general use tube end groove clamp in the field.

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