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The feature of Coupling Stock manufactured by KPE

Thick-walled seamless tube include pipe material used to manufacture coupling blanks. The main difference between coupling material and coupling stock is that coupling material has no mandatory NDE inspection requirements .

the feature of coupling stock manufactured by KPE

Coupling Stock is a seamless thick-wall tubular product used in the manufacture of coupling blanks. Pipes for Coupling Stock with PSL2 and even higher level, could meet customers need for processing API or NON-API thread couplings. The Coupling Stock manufactured by our company with high quality.What’s more?Our coupling stock pipe has price advantage while ensure the same quality. Wall thickness could reach maximum 40mm. (wall thickness range varies regarding to different OD.)Available grades/material: carbon alloy, all API 5CT and proprietary grades in numerous wall thickness.

Coupling stock is rolled by KPE mill, with good dimension control, high qualified product ratio, stable mechanical and impact property.

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