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Black antirust UV paint for petroleum steel pipe

Petroleum steel pipe plays an important role in petroleum industry, not only for its huge output, but also for its quality and performance. Petroleum steel pipe mainly includes oil well pipe (drill pipe, drill collar, casing, tubing, etc.) and oil and gas transmission pipe.

Generally, compared with the surface treatment of ordinary steel pipes, the surface treatment of petroleum steel pipes, especially the anticorrosion, is more arduous. The main reasons are as follows: on the one hand, due to the huge annual output of petroleum steel pipes, some of them may be faced with long-term storage, and some of them may be subject to long-distance transportation, and are vulnerable to the atmosphere, industrial gas, salt fog, acid rain and water spray On the other hand, due to the use of petroleum steel pipes, the working conditions are poor, and most of them are in high temperature and severe corrosive environment.

The traditional antirust paint can not meet the actual requirements of customers in terms of weather resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the traditional antirust paint also has problems such as slow drying speed, low production efficiency, environmental pollution caused by solvent volatilization and so on. It is in urgent need of a new product to replace it.

UV paint, namely UV curable paint, is an environment-friendly and energy-saving paint characterized by radiation curing technology. Its main components are photosensitive resin, active diluent, photoinitiator and additives. Under certain wavelength of UV light, the photoinitiator in the paint can form free radicals by washing hands with UV light, which can trigger the polymerization of photosensitive resin and active diluent molecules The combination and cross-linking reaction make the coating solidify. UV paint has the advantages of energy saving, pollution-free, room temperature curing, high efficiency and superior performance, which is more suitable for petroleum steel pipe.

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